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Press Release │ 17/12/2023

Lifewire Run 2023【愛跑.青衣島】慈善跑 凝聚各界善心以跑行善 攜手宣揚關注罕見病 (只有中文)

Press Release │ 05/12/2023


Press Release │ 22/03/2023

Experts Gather to Discuss Property Technology and Trends at “Opportunities & Challenges in a New Era of MiC” Seminar

Press Release │ 11/12/2022

Lifewire Run 2022【愛跑.東涌呀】慈善跑載譽重臨 逾千跑手以愛關注罕見病童 盼建「罕見疾病資料庫」推動共融 (只有中文)

Press Release │ 24/11/2022

Chun Wo's Third “Innovation Student Awards” Open for Application Encourages Creativity and Innovation in Engineering For Sustainable Development

Press Release │ 16/11/2022

A research team from CUHK Faculty of Engineering and Chun Wo jointly develop cable-driven robot for high-rise building facades

Press Release │ 01/04/2022

旺角全新精品型格住宅項目「SOYO 雋薈」 全新示範單位曝光 打造實用高架空間 簡約實用傢私設計 重新規劃室內空間

Press Release │ 22/12/2021

益兆與俊和攜手發展 旺角全新精品型格住宅項目「SOYO 雋薈」 價單第 1 號首推 70 伙 售價由 HK$3,388,000 起

Press Release │ 16/12/2021

益兆與俊和攜手發展 旺角全新精品型格住宅項目「SOYO 雋薈」 示範單位首度曝光 展現開放式單位間隔方正實用

Press Release │ 08/12/2021

益兆與俊和攜手發展 旺角全新精品型格住宅項目正式命名為「SOYO 雋薈」 傲踞旺角黃金核心地段 薈萃市區多元便捷優勢

Press Release │ 14/11/2021

Lifewire《護‧聯網》主辦、俊和發展集團協辦 Lifewire Run 2021【愛跑.河上鄉】慈善跑 與病童同行 迎難創奇蹟

Press Release │ 09/10/2021

URA and Chun Wo Pioneer in Concrete Modular Integrated Construction to Build Hong Kong’s First Private Residential Project

Press Release │ 26/08/2021

Chun Wo's Contract NBAQ4 Project in the Philippines Successfully Completed the Breakthrou

Press Release │ 14/05/2021

Winners of Second ‘Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards’ Unveiled – CityU-Developed Fog-Based Self-Powered System Wins the Gold Award SYSU Intelligent Medical Logistics Robot Reduces Infection Risks to Medical Staff Innovative Engineering Solutions Help Build a Smart City

Press Release │ 09/02/2021

萊蒙國際與俊和發展打造全新九龍地標式豪宅「128 WATERLOO」匠心細節 領略尊貴 誠意呈獻示範單位AR參觀體驗

Press Release │ 23/11/2020

Chun Wo Announces R&D Results of “MiC Systems” & Becomes First Construction Company to Use Concrete MiC in Construction of Buildings Up to 40 Storeys High

Press Release │ 30/09/2020

萊蒙國際與俊和發展攜手打造「128 WATERLOO」 首張價單推出共50伙 折實呎價$22,338起

Press Release │ 23/09/2020

萊蒙國際與俊和發展 全新九龍地標式豪宅 「128 WATERLOO」 首度開放示範單位予傳媒優先參觀

Press Release │ 01/09/2020

The Second CWISA Receives Overwhelming Response Attracts Over 70 Student Teams

Press Release │ 20/06/2020

萊蒙國際與俊和發展攜手打造之全新地標式豪宅「128 WATERLOO」位踞九龍傳統尊貴地段 前臨近百年學府 糅合時尚英倫建築品味(Chinese Only)

Press Release │ 02/04/2020

Chun Wo's second "Innovation Student Awards" open for application encourages youny in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area to realise innovation and build a smarter future

Press Release │ 21/02/2020

Uniting Hong Kong people to fight the coronavirus chun wo charitable foundation donates over 200,000 surgical masks and HK$400,000

Press Release │ 11/02/2020

Chun Wo Empowers Business Decision Making with SAP Intelligent Technologies

Press Release │ 10/11/2019

Organised by Lifewire and co-organised by Chun Wo “Lifewire Run 2019” Charity Run cum Carnival A happy gathering in Shatin to support children with rare diseases

Press Release │ 21/01/2019

Inno@ChunWo Succeeds In Developing Rapid Repairing Mortar Materials

Press Release │ 05/11/2018

AAI and Chun Wo Celebrate 50th Anniversary Political and Business Leaders Join Salute of 50 Years’ Harvests Announces First “Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards” Winners to Motivate Innovation

Press Release │ 22/02/2018

Chun Wo's Launch of Innovation Student Awards Stimulates Engineering Students' Innovation Minds to Tackle Environmental Issues

Press Release │ 12/02/2018

Lifewire Hosts and Chun Wo Co-organises Lifewire Run 2018

Press Release │ 27/09/2017

Chun Wo Garners "Grand Caring Award" and "Most Innovative Award" in the "Industry Cares" Recognition Scheme

Press Release │ 17/09/2017

Lifewire and Chun Wo Jointly Present "Lifewire Run" To Support an Inclusive Society and Raise Funds for Child Patients of Rare Diseases

Press Release │ 30/11/2016

Chun Wo New Property Project T Plus (Chinese Version Only)

Press Release │ 01/11/2016

Chun Wo Wins 6-Year Contract of Cross-Harbour Tunnel Management Diversifies to Tunnel Management Business

Press Release │ 02/05/2016

Actively Promotes A Harmonious Society Builds A Cross-Cultural Exchange Platform To Help South Asian Ethni Minorities Integrate In Society

Press Release │ 08/03/2016

Chun Wo Renamed as China City Cons

Press Release │ 30/12/2015

Chun Wo concludes HK$1 Billion Syndicated Loan Facility Agreement Strengthens Corporate Foundation For Further Market Expansion

Press Release │ 24/11/2015

Chun Wo Announces 2015/16 Interim Results

Press Release │ 16/11/2015

Chun Wo Establishes Strategic Relationship with AECOM and CCCC to Tap US Market

Press Release │ 05/11/2015

Chun Wo announces the acquisition of CCCC Development Limited at a consideration of HKD660 million

Press Release │ 26/06/2015

Chun Wo Announces 2014/15 Annual Results

Press Release │ 08/06/2015


Press Release │ 29/04/2015

New Engineering Contract (NEC) Highly Commended NEC Large Project of the Year 2015 Award

Press Release │ 19/03/2015

Chun Wo To Acquire 90% Equity Interests In China City Construction (Zhuhai) For RMB315 Million Collaborates With China City Construction To Develop a Property Development Project In Zhuhai, Guangdong Province

Press Release │ 10/12/2014

Chun Wo’s One-Stop Project Development Strategy Successfully Secures a Land Parcel In Ma On Shan For HK$2.14 Billion By Way of a Joint Venture

Press Release │ 28/11/2014

Chun Wo Announces 2014 Interim Results

Press Release │ 06/11/2014

Chun Wo Introduces New Shareholder with PRC Presence

Press Release │ 25/06/2014

Chun Wo Announces 2013/14 Annual Results

Press Release │ 19/05/2014

Chun Wo Successfully Bid the Tender in Tseng Choi Street Tuen Mun

Press Release │ 26/03/2014

Chun Wo Group Won 4 Awards in MTR Presentation Ceremony

Press Release │ 14/12/2013

Chun Wo Received 2 Awards in the “Quality Public Housing Construction and Maintenance Awards”

Press Release │ 05/12/2013

Chun Wo Group Wins 4 awards in Hong Kong Green Awards 2013

Press Release │ 27/11/2013

Chun Wo Announces 2013 Interim Results

Press Release │ 09/10/2013

Chun Wo Wins “HKMA Award for Excellence in Training and Development”

Press Release │ 05/09/2013

Chun Wo successfully bid the luxury development site at Kau To Shan in form of joint venture

Press Release │ 26/06/2013

Chun Wo Delivers Record High Revenue for the Second Consecutive Year

Press Release │ 27/11/2012

Chun Wo Announces 2012 Interim Results

Press Release │ 28/09/2012

Chun Wo Commences Sales of Property Project in Abu Dhabi

Press Release │ 13/09/2012

Chun Wo Secures an Agreement for the Major Works of the Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme

Press Release │ 17/07/2012


Press Release │ 28/06/2012

Chun Wo Reports Record Breaking FY2011/12 Annual Results

Press Release │ 08/05/2012

Chun Wo Recognised as Caring Company for the Seventh Consecutive Year Fulfilling Social Responsibility Demonstrating Corporate Conscience

Press Release │ 18/11/2011

Chun Wo Holds Tree Planting Ceremony at Fuk Man Road Nullah Project in Sai Kung

Press Release │ 11/11/2011

Chun Wo Begins Another Government Project with Groundbreaking Ceremony at Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Site

Press Release │ 07/10/2011

Chun Wo Co-organises the First Bar Bending & Fixing Program Training Course in Construction Sector

Press Release │ 03/08/2011

Chun Wo Wins Three Railway Related Contracts Valued at HK$2,351 Million

Press Release │ 29/04/2011

Your Blog Post TChun Wo Earns Kudos as "Manpower Developer" from Employees Retraining Boarditle Here...

Press Release │ 07/04/2011

Chun Wo Works with HKDI Design Students on Company Uniforms

Press Release │ 09/01/2011

Chun Wo Wins its Third Contract for Central-Wan Chai Bypass Worth an Estmiated HK$4 Billion

Press Release │ 22/12/2010

Chun Wo's Voluntary Team Collaborates with Tung Wah - To Assist Elderly to Improve Home Safety

Press Release │ 25/11/2010

Chun Wo's Volunraty Service Team Joins Caritas Bazaars for Fifth Consecutive Year

Press Release │ 07/11/2010

Chun Wo Commences the Construction of Tuen Mun Western Trunk Sewerage Project - Valued at HK$710,000,000 - Uses Tunnel Boring Machine to Excavate by Trenchless Method

Press Release │ 10/10/2010

Building Homes, Building Hope in "World Habitat Day" Habitat for Humanity calls on to eradicate poverty housing

Press Release │ 25/08/2010

Chun Wo Organised "Enhancement of Site HSE Management Competition 2010" - Promotes Best Practices and Standards in Site HSE Management and Rewards Outstanding Site Engineering Teams

Press Release │ 21/06/2010

Chun Wo' s Deputy Chairman Earns "Entrepreneur of Tomorrow 2010" Award

Press Release │ 07/04/2010

Chun Wo's Chairman Passed Away - The Management Will Follow Dr. Pang's Path in Building A Better HK

Press Release │ 25/03/2010

Chun Wo Recognized as Caring Company for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Press Release │ 11/02/2010

Chun Wo Begins Works on Wan Chai Development Phase II - Central-Wan Chai Bypass at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Press Release │ 08/02/2010

Chun Wo Wins HK$3.4 Billion Contract from CEDD

Press Release │ 05/02/2010

Chun Wo Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony to Kick Off Improvement Project of Fuk Man Road Nullah in Sai Kung

Press Release │ 15/12/2009

Chun Wo Generates Green Energy For the City - Infrastructure Works at Town Centre South and Tiu Keng Leng, Tseung Kwan O

Press Release │ 03/12/2009

Chun Wo's UAE Business

Press Release │ 04/09/2009

Chun Wo Holdings Limited Utilizes SAP Solutions

Press Release │ 19/06/2009

Chun Wo Environmental Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. Received Recognition for Building Hong Kong a Greener City

Press Release │ 15/12/2008

Chun Wo Joint Venture Awarded Rail Contract in Thailand

Press Release │ 14/10/2008

Chun Wo Environmental Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. - Partnership Contract Signing Ceremony and Product Seminar

Press Release │ 24/07/2008

Chun Wo Announces 2007/2008 Annual Results

Press Release │ 15/07/2008

Chun Wo Celebrates its 40th Year Anniversary

Press Release │ 27/09/2007

Chun Wo Proposes to Rename as Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited

Press Release │ 22/07/2007

Chun Wo Annouces 2006/07 Annual Results

Press Release │ 02/07/2007

Chun Wo (China) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Yangzhou Xincheng Zhiye (Chinese version only)

Press Release │ 09/03/2006

Chun Wo Commits to Implement Environmental Work Awards the Eco-Business Awards Green Construction Contractor Award Gold Award and the 2005 Hong Kong Awards for Industries Environmental Performance Certificate of Merit

Press Release │ 22/02/2006

Chun Wo Group Commits to the Betterment of the Society and Awards the Caring Company Logo

Press Release │ 30/12/2005

Chun Wo Awarded a HK$92 Million Contract by Highways Department