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About Us

Chun Wo is dedicated to developing innovation technologies for construction. In 2016, Chun Wo launched their innovation brand "Inno@ChunWo", with an aim to elevate construction techniques and at the same time attract a younger generation to become the industry's future backbone by starting their career in innovation and construction.

We established four innovative technology-focused areas that cover building technology, materials, and artificial intelligence to drive the industry's development.

Chun Wo has been empowering the next generation of innovators through its biannual award, Chun Wo Innovation Student Award, that showcases engineering solutions created by the younger generation, promoting intercity connections and sustainable development.


Years of Establishment


Innovative Design


Exclusive Technology


Investment in Development

Four Major Fields of Scientific Research



To showcase the remarkable results of our innovation brand "Inno@ChunWo", an exhibition venue "Chun Wo InnoBase" was set up in Yuen Long. At Chun Wo InnoBase, prefabricated life-sized MiC structures and other innovation products were displayed. Not only do we aim at improving construction technologies, but also to reinforce the connection between industry professionals.

Chun Wo ISA

"Chun Wo ISA" is a biennial award established in 2018 by Chun Wo Development Holdings Limited (Chun Wo), with the aim of inspiring young innovators to harness their creativity and develop innovative engineering solutions that foster stronger connections between cities and advance urban sustainable development. Beyond being a mere competition, "Chun Wo ISA" serves as a platform for participants to transform their ideas into reality.

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