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Advanced Technology and Materials

Advanced Technology and Materials

The application of advanced technology and materials in construction sector, with a view to facilitating sustainable development for our city.



Rapid Repair Mortar Material (R²M²)


Concrete spalling is usually one of the biggest issues when it comes to ageing buildings. However, proper maintenance is always long overdue, noisy, and costly. In view of this, Chun Wo has worked on one of our major innovation projects, Rapid Repair Mortar Material (R²M²), a safer and faster solution for repairing concrete spalling.


Rapid Repairing Mortar Material (R²M²) is a stainless-steel fiber reinforced mortar which has strong tensile load resistance when compared to conventional repair mortars. Its intended use in repairing RC slabs with spalling concrete and corroded rebars would save time (i.e., reduced opening-up of concrete slab soffit area), produce less noise, dust and construction waste, and eliminate need of replacement rebars for specified corrosion range and rebar size. R²M² is the result of a collaborative research project, supported by the Innovation & Technology Fund (ITF), where Chun Wo has partnered with the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and the Nano & Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI).


Now, R²M², having secured the support from the Buildings Department and Housing Department in research phase of the project, is entering the Public Sector Trial Scheme (PSTS) with the support from the Architectural Services Department. In the PSTS, R²M² will be applied in an actual environment, ensuring that the repair processes done previously in the laboratory can be repeated, achieving the target consistency in workmanship, quality, and performance.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Chun Wo adopts BIM in a wide range of building, civil engineering and fitting-out projects, and has started to integrate AR (Augmented Reality) to show all stakeholders the details and elements of the construction plan in 3D, to produce an accurate visual representation of the idea. Advantage:  

  • Information can be presented in high quality real-time visualization
  • Predict potential construction hazards and prevent them by adjusting the design
  • Improve project coordination, productivity and safety
  • Time and cost savings

eMat Platform


Chun Wo adopted eMat, the first comprehensive construction materials purchasing and management platform in Hong Kong, developed by Mattex, to monitor and record the entire procurement workflow. It can measure the materials required for the project and forecast the prices through data analysis. All the information can also be accessed through a mobile APP.


  • Promote electronic procurement of materials via an advanced transaction management system
  • Set the future project direction and schedule effectively
  • Time and cost saving