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Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be a dynamic enterprise that improves people's livelihood through infrastructure and professional services for cities in Asia and beyond


  • Improve people's quality of life
  • Grow with our employees
  • Create value for shareholders
  • Committed to a sustainable future


Core Values

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We are committed to achieving the goals in best endeavors

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We devote every effort to nurture the engineering talents

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We take the initiative to overcome challenges 


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We respect each another, embrace diversity and inclusion

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We have the courage to integrate, embrace and inspire new wisdom in construction

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We share the ESG responsibility and aim for sustainable development of the community

With clear business philosophy, well-defined vision, mission and core values and corporate culture, the Group actively develops its business by taking on a unique attitude that views problems as challenges and changes, yet with high adaptability to transform them into opportunities to pave our way to a bright future.