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Women @Chun Wo

Launched by Chun Wo in 2020, “WomenLeaders@CW” is a two-year scheme with the aim of building harmonious and inclusive work environment through recruitment, promotion, fringe benefits, measures to promote gender equality and family-friendly policies. The scheme will start its rollout through the female management members and gradually extending to all levels of staff in the Company, in a bid to attract more females to join Chun Wo and the construction industry, thus mitigating gender imbalance in the construction industry.
The first women leadership program in construction industry, objective is to develop outstanding female talents to senior managerial positions

Established in 2019, “Dream Girls” have had shared their daily women in construction working life as well as interesting knowledge about the industry from the perspective of their professions for more than one year, aiming to enhance the public’s understanding of the industry, break stereotypes and rebuild the industry’s professional, safe and dynamic image.

There is a trend for more and more ladies to join our construction industry. Chun Wo Ladies’ Club is set up to give bonding and supports to all female staff. Membership of the Club will be opened to all monthly female staff of Chun Wo. Ladies’ Club actively collects various discount offers or organizes different seminars for members every month.