Digital Transformation - Smart Site


To improve quality, safety and efficiency, Chun Wo is transforming our construction sites into “Smart Sites” by digitalization.

Smart Geotechnical Monitoring Architecture (SGMA)

We are currently working with City University of Hong Kong (CityU) to develop a Smart Geotechnical Monitoring Architecture (SGMA), Hong Kong’s first 24-hour AI technology system to gather and analyze construction site’s geospatial data.

The SGMA system consists of 3 types of sensors: Water level sensor, Tilt Sensor (Wall Mount) and Inclinometer. These sensors are applicable for building sites and construction sites. With the use of cloud technology, the automation of SGMA can provide real-time monitoring of site conditions.

Trials have already been carried out in different construction sites and the application of SGMA will hugely reduce data processing time, manpower and cost in the future.


Tilt Meter (Wall Mount) | Water Level Monitoring System


In view of the rising importance of data and information management and verification, the Drainage Services Department (DSD) has entrusted Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co Ltd (Chun Wo) and AECOM Asia Company Ltd (AECOM) to develop a Blockchain x Construction Application project, named “Blockchain Enhanced Construction Digital Workflow Project” (the Project), to improve the quality of construction work.

Taking the Shek Wu Hui Effluent Polishing Plant project as a pilot, the Project conducts construction work-flow study and blockchain trial application of RISC and Site Diary by capturing metadata in the key system checkpoints.

The objective of this project is to build up the foundation for the construction workflow blockchainzation and to create a blockchain framework for the industry, to set up a communication protocol for construction data exchange and to track documents and workflow status among different data sources more efficiently.

>The application of blockchain will revolutionize the construction industry by improving the efficiency and quality of work, enabling the multidimensional view of different workflow systems including BIM, Procurement and supply chain management and asset management.