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Digital Transformation - Smart Site

Digital Transformation - Smart Site

To improve quality, safety and efficiency, Chun Wo is transforming our construction sites into "Smart Sites" by digitalization.



Smart Geotechnical Monitoring Architecture (SGMA)


We are currently working with City University of Hong Kong (CityU) to develop a Smart Geotechnical Monitoring Architecture (SGMA), Hong Kong’s first 24-hour AI technology system to gather and analyze construction site’s geospatial data.

The SGMA system consists of 3 types of sensors: Water level sensor, Tilt Sensor (Wall Mount) and Inclinometer. These sensors are applicable for building sites and construction sites. With the use of cloud technology, the automation of SGMA can provide real-time monitoring of site conditions.

Trials have already been carried out in different construction sites and the application of SGMA will hugely reduce data processing time, manpower and cost in the future.

AI Progress Tracking


At Hang On Street building project, Chun Wo uses AI Progress Tracking to predict and monitor project progress by using Fisheye Cameras and AI Placing Labels to get a panoramic view from multiple angles and analyze the status of work trades.

• Quickly visualize construction progress and make predictions
• Respond to issues faster
• Build confidence that the project is on track

Digital Works Supervision System on Blockchain


Chun Wo has used blockchain to establish a blockchain-based Digital Works Supervision System ("DWSS") for various stakeholders, including clients, consultants, main contractors and subcontractors, in the Shek Wu Hui Effluent Polishing Plant project to comanage the workflow information.

• Information can be shared instantly and are fully transparent
• Store information in immutable ledgers, which can be updated and read end-to-end at any time
• Assist stakeholders in building mutual trust to improve work efficiency and reduce errors occurring in the progress

3D Site Scan system by UAV


Chun Wo uses a 3D Site scan system which is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) aerial analytics software that captures data autonomously and provides the user with 3-dimensional information for decision-making.


  • Cloud-based site data easily accessible for entire project team at a click of a button
  • Optimize construction planning and methodology with up-to-date 3D-site information


  • Carry-out working space/width analysis for construction plant mobilization
  • Determine required scaffolding extent and height
  • Obtain width and elevation data for haul road design, planning and diversion
  • For rough estimates used for planning or method statement preparation, it is 50% faster than obtaining survey information from site surveyor
  • Centralized location for site history
  • Useful source of information to study events that may have time and cost implications
  • 50% faster desk study research for historic photos

Smart Control Centre


Chun Wo has set up a "Smart Control Centre" at Hiu Ming Street Construction Site. Through the IoT system, it transmits site safety and environmental performance data in real-time. Site managers can review detailed information through the dashboard, create follow-up tasks and take measures to boost management efficiency and reduce accidents.


  • Real-time automatic recording
  • Lower safety risks
  • Increase productivity

AI Helmet Detection


Smart Construction Site System includes AI cameras. Workers must wear safety helmets when entering the site, once violations are found, the camera will record and transmit the images to Smart Control Centre. In addition, the alarm device will also be activated to remind workers to put on their helmets.



RFID Readers



Safety helmets and various machines are equipped with RFID tags. Site managers can use a handheld reader to read a series of information such as workers’ personal information, safety course records, mechanical certificates and production dates, to achieve effective supervision. In addition, when a worker enters a danger zone by mistake, the RFID reader will instantly scan and record the information on the helmet’s RFID tag for follow-up, and issue warnings to workers.



Smart Environmental Monitoring System


Based on IoT system, it can collect data such as temperature, humidity and level of dust and noise via a bunch of environmental sensors. Sprinklers and cooling fans will switch on/off automatically according to environmental changes. It helps to ensure health for worker.


  • Decrease the risk of heat stroke and respiratory illness
  • Minimise public nuisance
  • Data digitailzation
  • Record tracking

Waste Control Management System


Chun Wo adopted the first automatic "Waste Control and Carriage Record Automated Management System" in Hong Kong at Hiu Ming Street construction site, digitizing forms that previously required manual input. When the dump truck drives to the gate, the AI cameras will take photos of the car plate and objects inside the truck, and identify whether the cover is closed. Besides, the driver can use a handheld reader, linked by the database, to take photos of the dump truck load. A CHIT will be printed when all the information is confirmed.


  • One-off approval after an automatic recording
  • Minimise human errors
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce accidents caused by climbing to take photos

FourS : SaaS Site Inspection Platform


FourS is Chun Wo’s SaaS solution for digitalizing the site inspection process. It allows users to take photos or videos during site inspections and upload them to the FourS platform to document project progress for a record of daily work. Project managers can use it to track and monitor project progress and assign daily follow-up actions.


  • Establish a more systematic site inspection process
  • Properly manage & store all the site-related information/ records (reports, photos)  
  • Increase the transparency of the site inspection process
  • More direct to search and filter site-related information, which solves the problems:
  • Site photos occupied huge storage in mobile
  • Difficult to retrieve site photos