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Women @ Chun Wo


As women are taking up an increasingly important role in the society, we have established two different programs, WomenLeaders@CW and Dream Girls, to enhance the professional image of women in the construction industry and the public’s understanding of the industry respectively.


Launched by Chun Wo in 2020, “WomenLeaders@CW” is a two-year scheme with the aim of building harmonious and inclusive work environment through recruitment, promotion, fringe benefits, measures to promote gender equality and family-friendly policies. The scheme will start its rollout through the female management members and gradually extending to all levels of staff in the Company, in a bid to attract more females to join Chun Wo and the construction industry, thus mitigating gender imbalance in the construction industry. 


WL Ceremony




Winnie Li

Senior Project Manager

Winnie represents the 40s Women Leaders of Chun Wo. She is a Senior Project Manager with over 15 years of industry experience. Although the construction industry is dominated by men and women have to overcome many hurdles to develop a career in this industry, Winnie suggests that women should make good use of their own advantages, such as patience and tenderness, to overcome gender barriers.

Eva Wong

Eva Wong

Eva is the representative of the 30s Women Leaders, she has worked in the construction industry for more than 8 years. She has witnessed great changes in the construction industry, from labour intensive moved towards technologies and machines, and she believes that such changes serve as new opportunities and incentives for women to join the industry.