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Dream Girls


There are many misconceptions about the construction industry, with labels such as dirty, dangerous, and reliant on physical labor. This has led to many young people shying away from the industry, missing out on the opportunity to join. It is also one of the reasons why the construction industry has long faced a shortage of manpower, with a common phenomenon of "more men than women" in the industry.

In order to change these inherent impressions, Chun Wo established the "Dream Girls" team in 2019 and created a social media page to showcase the image of "female construction workers", sharing their daily work and professional knowledge. This page quickly attracted the attention of over 40,000 followers! This year, Dream Girls enters its fifth year, and they will continue to promote the construction industry through social platforms, hoping to eliminate the public's bias and misconceptions about the industry and reshape the industry's professional, safe, and vibrant image.

Introduction of the 5th Generation of Dream Girls: 


Tammy Lo

Assistant Project Manager


Sophia So

Senior Engineer (Civil)


Kay Ho

Project Coordinator


Michelle Ying

Assistant Engineer


Lenna Tsang

Assistant BIM Manager


Hazel Lam

Assistant Engineer


Shadow Chung

Quantity Surveyor


Gigi Cheung

Safety Supervisor


If you have any equires about WomenLeaders@CW or Dream Girls,
please feel free to contact us by the following numbers or emails.

Tel: 3758 8311 / 3758 8322

Email: dreamgirls@chunwo.com