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Dream Girls


Today, people still have many misunderstandings about construction industry, which often relates to dirty, dangerous and labour work. These misconceptions stop young people and “new blood” from joining the industry and also results in more male than female working in construction.

In view of this, Chun Wo has established a team of “Dream Girls” in 2019 and opened a Meta (formerly known as Facebook) page. With the image of “construction girls” sharing their daily routines and professional knowledge, the page has successfully attracted near 20000 followers.

Entering the third year of Dream Girls, the group consists of old and new members. They will continue to share their daily job routines on social media, with the aim to eliminate the public’s prejudice and misunderstandings of construction, and to rebuild a professional, safe and dynamic image for the industry.

Introduction of the third year Dream Girls: 


Pinky Cheng

Assistant Safety Officer
Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.


Tiffany Choi

Environmental Engineer
Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.


Tammy Lo

Management Trainee (Engineering)
Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.


Winny Chan

Environment Officer
Kum Shing Group


Lenna Tsang

Assistant BIM Manager
Vircon Limited


Hazel Lam

Graduate Engineer
Consultant Company


Yo Yo Lee

Assistant Vegetation Inspection Officer
Wanson Construction Company Limited


If you have any equires about WomenLeaders@CW or Dream Girls,
please feel free to contact us by the following numbers or emails.

Tel: 3758 8311 / 3758 8322

Email: dreamgirls@chunwo.com