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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Harmony Community Programme

The Harmony Community Programme (“HCP”) was launched in 2014 with an aim to encourage our staff in construction sites in the 18 districts in Hong Kong to regularly organize voluntary activities, including voluntary visit, caring bags give-out, workshops, etc, to support the community in various forms to build closer ties.

Annual NGO Partnership Programme

Through collaborating with various charity organizations , we organize voluntary activities to help disadvantaged, minorities, and promote social inclusion. Every year, the Company launches partnership programmes with different types of non-governmental organizations to serve elderlies, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, visually impaired students, SEN children, low-income families, and so on. Organizations that have worked with in the past include “St. James’ Settlement”, “Wheel For Oneness”, “Community CareAge Foundation”, “Senior Citizen Home Safety Association”, “Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired”, and so on.

We collaborated with CoCreative Partners Community Services on the "Repairs Givers" volunteer program, which aims to improve the elderly’s living conditions and home safety by providing them with modest home repairs while also demonstrating care and support.