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Educational Support

Educational Support

Student Engagement Program

We firmly believe that “Innovation” and “Youngsters” are the engines to social development. We have launched various programmes to support students and the education sector through the “Student Engagement Program”, including  "Strive and Rise Programme" of HKSAR Government, “Business-School Partnership Programme” of the Education Bureau, “Life Planning Talk for Secondary School Students” of Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association, and “Chun Wo Model Car Challenge” of Popular Science Education Foundation. We hope to cultivate a group of potential future leaders and engineers to build the pillars of tomorrow and prepare for the future of society.

Chun Wo Charitable Foundation Scholarship

By providing scholarships to tertiary students majoring in engineering and quantity surveying, we encourage outstanding students to support the sustainable development of the construction industry. Scholarships have been awarded to students from institutions including The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Vocational Training Council and CIC. In addition, we also actively support students activities including donations to “Project Mingde”, a voluntary construction and education programme set up by the Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong.

Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards

The biennial “Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards” was established in 2018, aiming to drive industry innovation and research development. The awards encourage students to conceive innovative engineering solutions, improves the environment and livelihood of the people, allowing them to achieve infinite possibilities.