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Staff Development

Chun Wo Academy

We believe synergy can be created by making good use of each talent's unique strengths. With the mission - "To build up high-flying talents in different professional areas for the sustainable development of Chun Wo and the industry", Chun Wo Academy provides over 20 diversified training programs and clear career development opportunities to cultivate a fun and active learning culture and to ensure our people gain self-enhancement and grow with the company together. ​

​Chun Wo is committed to constructing the best working environment for staff, providing diversified knowledge and experience exchange opportunities. We have developed a comprehensive internal training system to provide equal learning opportunities for employees in different levels and positions, covering all employees' training needs and unleashing the potential of employees. Moreover, a clear career path works with various learning modes like seminars, sharing sessions, online learning, and site visits to support and nurture an engaging learning environment. ​

​Belows are some of the highlights of Chun Wo Academy.


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More Than 20 Programs

Comprehensive career development: More than 20 systematic and tailor-made development programs are in place to help staff develop their careers in the company. Over 1000 program trainees

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Women Leaders

1st Women leaders program in construction industry

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Workshops and Trainings

More than 20 workshops or training for different target groups per year with nearly 1800 staff trained to make sure talents in Chun Wo can equip with necessary skills to strive for excellence


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More Than 10 Local and Overseas Site Visits

More than 10 local and overseas site visits are organized per year for different teams to learn about latest developments and benchmark best practices in the industry​


Career Development

Talent is the most important asset in our company. Apart from remuneration and welfare, staff training and development is another focus so that our staff could grow and develop well. We value cultivation of our staff as we believe they can bring Chun Wo to go further and become success in construction industry. Upon joining Chun Wo, comprehensive training will be arranged for all the staff according to their job functions and positions.




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Internal Staff Development Programs

Core Program

A fast track program to develop a pool of outstanding staff as becoming leaders and senior management in Chun Wo.

Program Features:
  • Sponsorship for the EMBA & management course
  • Mentoring
  • Customized career path for development
Program Events:
  • Executive Training
  • Site Visit of Key Interests
  • Professional Presentation (sharing with senior management)
  • Year-End Presentation
  • Bonding Trip
  • Corporate Trip (Overseas)
  • Project Manager Meeting
  • Internal/External Networking Opportunity

External Staff Development Programs

Mentorship Program (CU & Lingnan)

To give advices for university students regarding to their interest and career goal

Target Group
University students

Program Highlights

  • Internship Program
  • Breakfast Meeting
  • Training Activities
Collaborative Training Scheme

To attract new entrants to some selected trades and alleviate manpower shortage in the construction industry, Chun Wo partners with the Construction Industry Council and industry organisations and join various Training Scheme which aims to equip people and improve their status to skilled level to join the construction industry, which opens up considerably more opportunities for them in the industry. Some training schemes including:


  • Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ACMTS)
  • Contractor Cooperation Training Scheme (CTS)
  • Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (ECMTS)
  • Approved Technical Talents Training Program (ATP)

Other Staff Development Programs

Assistant Safety Officer Training Program
To groom potential youngsters for Registered Safety Officer (RSO) / Safety & Environmental Officer
Building Information Modelling (BIM) Training

Promote BIM Determination to achieve BIM-capable organization

Application of BIM will enhance the information of a construction model and smoothen the site operation

Design Engineer Program

Enhance the design knowledge of our Graduate Engineer / Assistant Engineer who joined our company for 1 year to cope with the site operation works

QS Freshman Program

To seek for youngsters of potential and grow them as a QS professional. Company will fully subsidize the trainees to take the Subsidy Diploma and/or Higher Diploma so as to equip them to handle the daily works. A mentor will be assigned to each trainee to help pursue their personal growth and give guidance to their career development.

Sub Agent Program
Training up all around skillful staff to be a Site Agent through On-the-job Training and hand-to-hand Mentorship