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Installation Works of KCRC Tin Shui Wai Station - Public Transport Interchange and Property Development Enabling Works


Kowloon-Canton Corporation

Construction Period

Jul 1999 - Oct 2003

The works comprise the construction of Tin Shui Wai Station including all foundations and associated works, footbridges, roads, utilities, CLP Traction Power Feeder Substation, KCRC Plantroom, covered walkway and noise barriers at Tin Shui Wai along Tin Yiu Road and other ancillary buildings. Works for the LRT include a ramp and 3-span prestressed concrete box girder. The works also include demolition works, pile foundations, pilecaps, lower portion of piers upto finished ground level with its reinforcement, collector drains and manholes for WR Viaduct piers. Pruning and felling of trees along Tin Yiu Road to enable the construction of the covered walkway.