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Term Contract for Minor Works 2015 For Hospitals Managed by Hospital Authority for Hong Kong East and Hong Kong West Clusters


The Hospital Authority

Construction Period

Oct 2015 - Sep 2018

The Works to be executed under this Contract comprise the demolition, maintenance, repair, alteration, conversion, replacement, refurbishment, renovation, reinstatement, improvement, addition, fitting out, building construction projects and associated building services and any other works or services including emergency and urgent works required in connection with the maintenance, repair, improvement and extension to a group of hospitals, general out-patient clinics (GOPCs), specialist outpatient clinics (SOPCs), community nursing service centres (CNSs), laundries and other institutions / facilities operated or managed by or under the responsibility of the Hospital Authority including any properties which may be added during the Contract Period and as ordered by the Maintenance Surveyor / the Employer from time to time within the Contract Period.