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Shatin to Central Link Contract No.1107 - Diamond Hill to Kai Tak Tunnel


MTR Corporation Ltd.

Construction Period

Mar 2013 - Apr 2018

The works comprise: (a) Two 6.3m internal diameter TBM mainline tunnels from east end of DIH to Kai Tak North launching shaft including 4 cross passages with 2m minimum clear width; (b) Diaphragm wall construction for Kai Tak North launching shaft; (c) Construction of Kai Tak North cut & cover tunnels within the proposed Kai Tak North launching shaft; (d) Two Stud tunnels at south end of the Kai Tak North launching shaft for connection to tunnels by others; (e) CEDD Entrustment Works for the Upgrading of Nullah no. 2 at Kai Tak; (f) Tree felling and off-site tree compensation/transplanting works; (g) Provision and Installation of Permanent Signage and Metal Railings / Barriers within tunnel; (h) Provision and installation of brackets, niches, supporting frames, platforms, cat ladders, ducts and civil provisions for works under other Designated Contracts; (i) Interface requirements associated with Designated Contracts; Key Features