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Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme

The project comprises the construction of an underground stormwater storage tank with a capacity of 60,000m3, a automatic operation pump station and the Fan Room and associated drains at Happy Valley Recreation Ground. An underground stormwater storage tank is to be built to temporarily store part of the stormwater collected from the upstream catchment through the downstream stormwater drainage systems.


After heavy rainstorms, the tank will be emptied and stormwater will be discharged first via gravity drains and main stormwater pumps inside the Stormwater Pumping Station shall be triggered according to the preset water levels for pumping the remain stormwater to the sea via the rising mains to the outfall. If rain is not heavy, rain water in the catchment area will be collected by the existing drainage network and carried downstream for discharging to the Victoria Harbour through the box culvert underneath Canal Road. 48 works include design, manufacture, supply, install, insure, deliver, store, erect, test, commission and defects.

Drainage Services Department

Construction Period
September 2012 - April 2018

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