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MTR Contract No. C5115-13C - Noise Mitigation Works at Tung Chung

The Works comprise construction of approximately 177m long cantilever type track side noise barrier system, including piling foundation, civil structures and steel frame. Construction of approximately 60m long vertical track side noise barrier system atop a section of tunnel portal wall, including modification works to the existing civil structure. Design, supply and installation of noise mitigation measures including the acoustic panels, vision panels and supporting frame to the noise barrier system. Demolition of part ofexisting boundary fencing along TCL. Reprovision of boundary fencing along noise barrier. Design, supply, construction, modification and installation of electricity system and lighting system for the newnoise barrier. Design, supply and installation of the proprietary roof cladding system including purlins, fastener, flashing and capping. Protection of all existing 49 furniture equipment, services and utilities during the Works.

Key Features
-noise barrier system including acoustic panels and steel supporting frame, pilling works
-roof cladding system installation
-demolition works
-49 protection works
-48 works
-installation of drainage system

MTR Corporation Limited

Construction Period
March 2014 - Aug 2016

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