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Community Involvement


The Group takes an active part in fulfilling the corporate social responsibility. We strive for getting ourselves involved in the local community and extending our reach to the people in need. 


1. Involvement in Community

The Group has been passionate about contributing to the community in which we operate. We  cherish the opportunities to engage with the stakeholders affecting by our work. It is believed that through involving in the community, we can understand more about the stakeholders’ needs and allow our construction projects to be in harmony with the community for the betterment of the people in Hong Kong. The Group has adopted a wide diversity of waysinitiatives to increase our involvement in the community.


2. Achieving Harmony in Community

We have made consistent efforts in the “Harmony Community Programme”. It aims to foster stronger ties with the local community and minimize the adverse effects brought about by our construction projects. The program lets our staff stationed at the project sites in the 18 districts of Hong Kong to serve the community by participating in a wide range of volunteering projects so as to extend our reach to the people in need and improve the living environment in the districts. The Group has greatly strengthened communication with various stakeholders of the many project sites throughout Hong Kong’s 18 districts.


The Group has implemented the “Harmony Community Programme” in 2014, which mobilized the frontline staff at its sites located all Hong Kong’s 18 districts and launched more than 50 corporate social responsibility activities. These activities not only conveyed care for their neighbors, but also instilled a positive and harmonious working environment to the staff as well.


3. Collaborating with NGOs

The Group has cooperated with many NGOs. Chun Wo has partnered with the Community CareAge Foundation (“CCAF”) and Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (“SCHSA”) during the Year of 2017/18. Those two nongovernmental organisations aim to enhance the living quality of the elderly in the community. A series of activities have been organised and our staff have been able to better understand the plight of the elderly, thereby becoming more considerate in their approach towards them. Moreover, this understanding has been promoted among their family members, friends and personal networks.


4. Donating to Charity

Chun Wo understands that charity plays a key part in providing assistance and help for the needy in society. Monetary support has been offered for a number of worthy causes. The beneficiaries included Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College, Senior Citizen Home Safety Association, WiseGiving Charitable Trust and funds operated for the construction industry, including the Construction Industry Council, Vocational Training Council, Construction Charity Fund, etc.


Apart from that, we believe the power to change lives lies with the community.


Lifewire was set up by Chun Wo in 2014 which is the first crowdfunding platform for children’s healthcare in Hong Kong providing financial support to those children who have medical needs. We bring together patients, charities, donors and medical experts into a tightly-knit community. Every cause is checked and verified by Lifewire to ensure donations are utilized in the most proper place.


In addition, Lifewire website offers different sorts of content, including health news, social issues and popular bloggers’ sharing on medical information and family life.


For more details, please go to http://lifewire.hk/

5. “Photalkgraphers” Charitable Photo Exhibition


The “Photalkgraphers” Charitable Photo Exhibition, co-organised by Lifewire and Chun Wo, was successfully held at Comix Home Base between 17 and 19 August 2018. The exhibition featured works of nine photographers with “Hong Kong” as the theme, telling the stories of the city. The photos were auctioned to raise funds to benefit the children, whom Lifewire is helping, with rare diseases and their medical needs. It also aroused public concern about rare diseases. This Charitable Photo Exhibition raised over HK$2.4 million which, less cost, will be donated to Lifewire.


For more details, please visit:



6) Caring Company


With nominations from Lifewire, SCHSA and the Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong and SAHK, Chun Wo is proud to have been awarded the 10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the year 2017/18. Chun Wo has been a recipient of the Caring Company Logo for thirteen consecutive years. Chun Wo was vetted for its endeavors in volunteering, being employee-friendly, caring for the environment and mentoring its employees. As we realize the importance of extending our reach to the community, we have been showing our care to the people in need. Having garnered this award is a milestone as well as motivation for us to continue with our consistent efforts in community involvement.


7) Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship


Hong Kong Productivity Council held “The 9th Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Awards” Presentation Ceremony on 14 December 2018, during which Chun Wo garnered the Merit Award to recognise our excellent performance in corporate social responsibility. We are delighted to be recognized for integrating corporate citizenship with management strategies and daily business operations, as well as for outstanding performance in fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities.