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Staff Engagement


Staff relations are greatly strengthened through different types of events. Our staff members actively participate in the corporate events that clearly convey our corporate values. They are also eager to know new colleagues in our interest classes.


1. Corporate Events

Our Corporate Event Team is responsible for organizsing a series of large-scale corporate events and staff recreational activities, which includes family fun carnivals, visits and outings to provide a work-life balance for our staff members.


2. Corporate Trip

To enhance the cohesiveness and sense of belongings of our staff, we arrange corporate trips for our colleagues and their family members to join.


3. Interest Classes

Our Administration Department has been organizing various sorts of Interest Classes for our Staff since 2011. The purpose of these classes is to strengthen the bond between Site Staff and Staff from Head Office, and provide an invaluable opportunity for our staff members to relax and communicate with one another.


Staff coming from various departments join these classes according to their preference. Cake Baking, Calligraphy, Golf & Cocktail Mixing are some classes that the Group held for our staff before.