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Chun Wo is committed to contributing a Green Society by preventing environmental pollution, reduce waste and enhance waste recycling from our operations. An Environmental Policy was formulated which demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection.


In line with the Environmental Policy, the Group has implemented an Environmental Management System which complies with ISO14001 requirements for the provision of design, construction, and installation and maintenance services to our customers. Environmental Manual and Environmental Procedures are set up for:


  • the establishment and updating of documented legal and other requirements to ensure the compliance of relevant environmental laws, regulations and guidelines in all our operations;

  • the establishment and continual review of the adequacy of environmental objectives and targets that lead to continuous improvement in our environmental awareness and performance;

  • the establishment, prevention and minimising of pollution by avoiding creating waste, maximising beneficial reuse of material and avoiding the release of harmful substances to the environment;

  • the cooperation with Government, regulatory agencies and public consultation groups in the planning, management and construction of projects;

  • the provision of sufficient training and communication channel to staff and operatives to ensure environmental aspects are properly implemented and maintained;

  • the execution of continual monitoring and control measures to ensure the environmental protection objectives are met;

  • the identification of deficiency and initiation of corrective, preventive actions which are followed through until satisfactory completion;

  • the regular review of the Group's environmental performance and current environmental needs to initiate continual improvement to the Environmental Management System.


We will ensure the environmental objectives in relevant functions of the company and conduct regular reviews to ensure their adequacy and initiate areas for continual improvement.

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