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We aspire to excel in all aspects of our performance. In business dealings, we are responsive to the needs of our clients, proactively making every effort to satisfy their needs.


Our projects are managed by qualified, competent and experienced employees, whose clear priorities are to thoroughly plan, execute and follow through our work, endeavoring to work out the best in every single project. In response to different challenges at work, our employees have always been proactive, positive and pragmatic to tackle problems with great fortitude and determination.


To achieve our Vision, a new set of Mission and Core Values has been developed accordingly. Our Mission sets organizational objectives and the Group’s strategic direction to sustained development, while Core Values reflect the corporate culture aligning employees’ values with the Group to fulfill their duties and goals.



  • To be an acclaimed contractor and developer in Asia with dynamic growth



  • Improve people's quality of life through city and infrastructure development
  • Grow with our employees through fulfilling work environment and career development
  • Create value for shareholders




Core Values (7Cs)

1. Commitment

We build trust through commitment

2. Concern

Safety, environment, and the public interest take priority

3. Care

Our customers' needs come first

4. Collaboration

We deliver results through teamwork

5. Credit

We reward performers and value contributors

6. Courage

We are problem-solvers

7. Continuity

We excel through experience and learning


With clear business philosophy, well-defined vision, mission and core values and corporate culture, the Group actively develops its business by taking on a unique attitude that views problems as challenges and changes, yet with high adaptability to transform them into opportunities to pave our way to a bright future.